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TERRASOLUSI is a software development services company focused on helping our customers transform their best ideas for applications or websites. We serve different types of customers ranging from individuals, companies up to the local government in the form of projects and products locally and nationally. We believe that the application must be built with passion and also must be functional and strategic. With that being said, it requires having a team of passionate engineers and technically adept. We have worked on many projects are quite large with a very satisfied customer and back. Many successful application development and implementation of the projects of small and large. extensive industry knowledge in banking, finance, insurance, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. Providing innovative technology and state-of-the-art or solutions. Most of our projects are delivered on time, budget, and at a competitive price.


TERRASOLUSI provide application creation services that help local governments, especially the local governments for the implementation of regional development. Needed applications custom developed in accordance with the business processes performed in the respective SKPD. Application of local governments is also a web-based it can be used by all users in the local government stakeholders ranging from staff, heads of agencies, as well as regional head only with mendeploynya into a centralized server.


TERRA provide training programs for business and IT professionals, using a variety of techniques and concepts to accelerate mastery of the material being taught. Teachers selected from professionals who have industry certifications are international, writers, contributors and activists in the field of ICT which have real experience in developing information technology projects in accordance with their respective core competence


TERRASOLUSI provides a wide range of IT solutions including the provision of hardware and network and web based application development needs for the needs of corporate administration, manufacturing industry, shipbuilding industry, the property industry, the service industry and small and medium industries with a variety of scale needs.

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